Transcendence Track By Track - Life Is Precious

Welcome to Transcendence Track By Track with track 8 : Life Is Precious. Here some of what inspired the writing of this song and some behind the scenes about recording of the track. You purchase the album on CD direct from The official website here : When you order the CD from the official website you also get a personalized autographed picture and two guitar pics. If you want CD autographed as well just put that in the comments when you order. you can download the album direct from artist website here: You can Order backing tracks to the full album direct from artist here: You can purchase the album on iTunes here : You can listen to clips and buy from Amazon and Apple music here: Thank you for your continued support. #robbalducci #ibanez #dimarzio #guitarist #transcendencetrackbytrack #Lifeisprecious #twonotesaudio #amplifirepedal #tone