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This is my Ibanez RGA LAC Prestige guitar. I call this guitar ” Violet Horizon ” it was used on my newest CD Violet Horizon and has such a sweet tone. It really comes shining through on the track ” Trinity” from Violet Horizon. The guitar is all swamp ash and has a maple back and a maple fretboard. I have grown to love the sound of swamp ash it is my wood of choice for guitars. It has great highs and lows and everything in between. The symbol on the 11 – 13 frets is a Libra symbol, I was born in the months of Libra. I have it on almost all my guitars. The pick-ups are Dimarzios of course. Steve Special in reverse in the bridge, Neck is a Mo Joe and the middle is a H – 3. When doing this guitar I wanted to do a different bridge and ended up going with a wilkinson V – 100 and I put locking schaller tuners on it. It is strung with D’Addario XL’s 9 gauge.

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