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This is Rob’s Boss SD-1 Super Overdrive pedal. This was modded by Robert Keeley and was used to record the whole CD The Color Of Light which was released on Favored Nations. Rob used this in conjunction with his Cornford MK 50 head as well as with a Soldano 50 watt head and a Mesa Boogie Mark 2 c +. The classic sound of this pedal can be heard on Rob”s classic song “Empress” from The Color Of Light Record. The sound off the solo and melody guitars was a combination of this pedal combined with the Cornford MK50. If you have not tried one of these pedals, you must. It sounds great and brings in some nice harmonic overtones. The feedback sections of all the tunes on The Color Of Light were done using this pedal in combination with the Cornford MK50 head. Enjoy and go try one out.

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