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The Ibanez TS 808 HW is one of my favorite over drive boxes. I am a pedal nut and overdrive nut for sure. This one in particular stands out to me as one of the best sounding OD pedals. A little history and cool facts: when Ibanez was working on the development of this pedal I was one of the players they asked to go over to the LA custom shop to do a test. They had around 4 unmarked proto type pedals and ask me to try each one and say which one of them I liked. I was one of just a few players who tested this. One of the other players I know who did the R and D like I did was Brad Whitford from Aerosmith. I asked my rep later if the one I picked was the one that actually made it has the TS 808 HW and he said yes! Kind of Cool..
What I like about this pedal is the tone is very warm and you do not get the hiss associated with OD boxes when it is turned on. also the switch is very quiet when turning on the pedal which is very good when using it for recording. They spared no expense when making this pedal. All high quality parts. You cannot go wrong with getting this pedal. It adds to the sound of your amp and just makes it better without coloring the true sound of the amp.


  1. You could spend a lot on several idvdiinual pedals or you could buy a multi fx pedal,The multi fx option doesn’t always have the best quality fx but you get a good range of options, I had a Korg multi fx that had everything on it, wah, wammy, dist, overdrive, reverb, phaser, flanger, you name it.All the effects were very good but not great.You could get a good one for less than a3150.Individual pedals generally have better quality sounds but you will have less fx options for your money, boss make some solid pedals and they’re not too expensive.So both have pros and cons, personaly if you’re just a home player and not a gigging musician the multi fx pedal might be worth considering, go to a shop and ask to try some out.

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