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This new Gear Spotlight I would like to feature the new Ibanez RG Prestige 652KKB guitar.  This is a new guitar to the Ibanez line this year and as with any Japan made Prestige Guitar is an amazing looking and playing instrument.  The guitar is basswood with an Australian Blackwood top. It has a marbled rosewood fretboard. I really love that it comes with the orgininal edge trem.  This is my first guitar with the edge and I feel it is the best bridge that I have played.  The feel is great and the tuning stability is dead on.  I also like the fact that the flutter effect is full on 😉 The guitar also come with Dimarzio Pick ups. a Tone Zone in the bridge and an Air Norton in the neck.  I changed to a Transition in the Bridge and a PAF Pro in the neck.  This was my sound choice.  Both sound great!

Below is a video demo that I recently did which features sone of the sounds through my own rig..  Enjoy


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