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This Gear Spotlight I would like to feature the new Atomic Amps Amplifire Pedal. This pedal is the best sounding amp modeling unit on the market. I was never a fan of modeling until I tried The Studio Devil software. Studio Devil’s Marc Gallo designed all modeling specifically for this unit and it sounds amazing. I am very proud to have my personal amp model preset the Cornford inside the unit. I have tried it into my mac, with a power amp and with Atomic CLR power cabinets and it sounds amazing no matter how you use it. The unit has an introductory price per unit at $599.00 which is unbelievable for the quality you are getting so make sure to take advantage of this offer. Go here to get on the reserve list

Never mind other companies saying it sounds like the amp, when playing through the Atomic Amps Amplifire pedal YOU ARE PLAYING THROUGH THE AMP! I am known for my tone and for playing killer classic and boutique amps and to me this is as good and even better. This will be replacing my amps! You can hear it on my upcoming CD 821 Monroe Drive which will be coming out soon. I would like
to offer anybody who gets on the reserve list and purchases the unit a free MP3 off of my new CD which is not out yet for free.

here is some more info about the pedal: AmpliFire is an exceptional amp tone and multi-effects pedal. A powerful and portable device, it is small enough to fit in the front pocket of a gig bag yet potent enough to please even the most discriminating tube amp purists and effects aficionados. With its world-class, patented amp modeling technology and the ability to load 3rd party speaker impulses it can faithfully recreate the experience of playing through the greatest guitar amps of all-time.
We designed Amplifire as an instrument that we, as guitar players, wanted for ourselves. This meant it had to sound/feel authentic and amazing while being easy-to-use, transport and be road rugged all without breaking the bank.Amplifire is equally capable of being a complete rig replacement or part of a larger pedal board and/or outboard processing rig.

Here are two videos I did messing with the Amplifire Pedal in my studio:

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