Welcome back to the lick Of The Week. This week I wanted to share with you a little more of my process. I am basically done with all of my recording for the new CD. I just have mixing to do now 😉 When I record I am always improvising my solos and melodies.. So at this time in the process I have to go back and re learn the material so I can play it live. It is a tedious process but has to be done lol. In this video I am using my Cornford MK 5011 amp running through a 2 by 12 cab. My guitar is an Ibanez RG equipped with the new Ultra Lite trem bar and of course D”addario NYXL’s and I am using on the floor an Ibanez TS 9 modded by Keeley and a Morley Tremonti wah. In the loop is a TC flash back delay.
I hope you guys are diggin these LOTW. I started this many years ago because I wanted to see things like this from my favorite players.. but not many do it.
Thanks and stay tuned!

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