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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This some footage from a few days ago from a rehearsal with the band. Rob Smith on Bass and Mike Kernicky on Drums. There are some comps of the tunes Trinity from my Violet Horizon CD and also The tune Fear from my Mantra CD. I think the tone is really killer! I am using my Ibanez RGA Prestige, Ibanez TS 808 HW Tube Screamer, Maverick Wah and The Eventide Time Factor delay. I am using the 5150 111 50 watt head on Channel 2 only. I am boosting it with the Ibanez Ts808HW. I think the sound is very cool..
Please come down to the show of you are in the Tr-State area on July 21st. It will be a killer show and also appearing that night is Shadow Eden with my buddy Dave Mercado on Guitar Kenny Lane Drums and Randy Coven on Bass. The place is called LULU’s and is in Port Jeffesron NY. The sound system is awesome and the club is really nice. It will be a great show.. Both bands are doing an hour or so set each. Music starts at 9:00 PM Sharp. Go to for info

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