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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, Sorry it has been so long since I posted. I will try to stay on schedule. Thank you for all the emails. I also want to thank all the fans who have been liking my music page on FB. You all rock.
This week I wanted to go over the Dorian mode. I have been teaching a long time and everyone comes in and does not know what the modes are. It is easy when you think about it the way I am showing it. You just need to make sure to practice the mode starting and ending on the root to get the sound of the mode in your head when you first start out. Very important is to experiment with riffs that fit over the mode and the modes tonic. In the case of this LOTW do not just play a C major scale, the notes will be correct but it will not sound as good as if you worked out riffs with thinking of the tonic sound D and also landing on the 3rd F and the B note.

I am using my Ibanez RG and using a keeley modded Boss OD 1 and using a Dunlop Univibe ( the new Hendrix one)

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