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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This week I want to share with you footage of the band cutting basic tracks to my new CD. This is actually the first half of the CD that we are working on. We did 5 tunes at this sessions and recorded Bass and Drums to 5 tracks. I want to thank John Celentano – Drums and Ethan Meixsell – Bass and a special thanks goes out to Mike Kernicky and MiKern Studios. I think this type of footage is really cool and I do not see many bands or guitarist sharing this type of stuff. I want to see it from my fav bands /Guitarist so I thought it would be cool sharing. I will be posting bits like this for a while. This will be a long process recording and also writing the second half of the CD. I hope you enjoy it. In this LOTW we are recording my new tune titled Natalie Rose. This was written for my niece who passed on a year ago. I miss you Natalie and this song is for you.

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