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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This week I want to share with you my rant on the Lydian Mode. The Lydian Mode is built off of the 4th degree of the major scale. In this LOTW I am playing the E Lydian scale so basically it is a B major scale starting on the 4th degree which is E. It is very important that you practice the scales starting and ending on the E so you can get the sound of the mode embedded on your head. The tonal center is E and the target note to let sustain in the a # ( B flat) I suggest you record a chord progression E Major chord and an f# major chord in the second position with the high b and e string ringing out. Practice and learn the E Lydian scales and start and end on E. Once you memorize them start messing around with bending and coming up with licks in each shape. Stayed tuned to info on the new Rock House DVD and also new lessons on the new Rock House website which will feature lessons you can purchase that will have transcriptions and backing tracks for a great price!!
Enjoy, Rock! Thank you all

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