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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This week I want to share with you some rehearsal footage of my band and I working on my tune “Not Enough” This is actually the third time we played the tune and it is sounding pretty cool. I like the vibe and the tones are good. I am using a Marshall 2000 head that the studio had and I am running through my Ibanez RGA guitar and into my pedal board. The chorus sound is coming through the arion chorus vibe modded by Xotic. I have a little delay – the Eventide Time Factor and the wah sound is a Morley Maverick. I think this is a cool video to share, not many artists show this side. This is a little raw and things are not perfect, but who fuckin cares. The vibe is there and that is all that matters and should matter. Next week some more lessons stuff. I am going to maybe do every other week, live footage and then lesson stuff. I hope you dig. Enjoy! Rock! Thanks RB

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    1. I am using a Marshal dsl 2000 the two channel one not the three channel one. Tone starts with the pick. I am using a redbear tuff tone medium then my Ibanez RGA guitar swamp ash with a Dimarzio steve special – bridge and a pro track in neck…. Daddario strings then George L cables into a Xotic ep booster then an Ibanez ts 808 over drive. The amp settings are like bass deep pushed in , high gain channel master volume on 12 noon gain like 1 o’clock bass on 9 , presence on 2, treble on 11 o clock, middle on 11 o’clock. Something like that if I remember. I use this amp a lot at rehearsal !’ thx

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