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Welcome to the new Lick Of The Week, This week I wanted to share with you me rehearsing for NAMM next week. I am using The Studio Devil Pro software to play over a backing track to my song Trinity from Violet Horizon. As you can hear the Studio Devil sounds awesome. It feel and sounds just like an amp. The tone is amazing. You also have to remember this is coming just through my monitor speakers. If you have not checked this software out, you must. Also I just modded my Ibanez RG with a Floyd Upgrades Big Brass Block. I recommend it to everyone. It increased the flutter in my guitar and also increased the sustain and sound og the guitar.
Please join me next week at NAMM 2012 Jan 19,20 and 21 at the Studio Devil Booth I will be hangin and demoing and playing to tracks.. Don’t forget to bring me some Devils Juice 😉

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